Trelleborg T440 EXC and Energreen ILF S1500. Innovation & Excellence.

Trelleborg T440 EXC and Energreen ILF S1500.

Energreen ILF S1500. An attractive traction.

Finally, the combination of equal sized wheels and all-terrain traction is possible!

Energreen ILF S1500 is the ultimate professional boom mower machine. Thanks to its innovative technology, the Energreen ILF S1500 offers unparalleled performance, flexibility and operational safety.
Today, thanks to the Trelleborg T440 EXC tyres, the performances of the Energreen machines become virtually unbeatable. Traction on any terrain, wet, dry or rough.
The generous technical characteristics of this tyre, of the latest generation and construction, provide high load capacity and excellent durability, without neglecting the comfort during the transfer.

A remarkable detail is the mechanical/hydrostatic transmission that characterizes the Energreen ILF S1500. Industrial axles with reinforced planetary reduction gears and 100% differential lock on both axles are features that are reminiscent of expertise. Then, if it’s all coupled to the Trelleborg T440 EXC tyres, this makes the machine a marvel of mechanical technology.

The ILF S1500 can be equipped with three different types of telescopic arm, all with working distances between 8 and 12 meters. Besides the classic cutting head, you can apply various equipments to the mechanical arm. This allows you to use the vehicle throughout the year and perform all maintenance works of roads or rivers. In the front side it is possible to equip the machine with a lifter with PTO or DIN plate. Therefore, a front accessory can be used simultaneously with the brush cutter arm.

T440 EXC. The Traction Solution.

More traction, better accessibility – T440 takes exclusive Trelleborg ProgressiveTraction™ on board for the best possible grip. The well-known Trelleborg concept of inter-lug terraces has also been added, keeping the tread clean and at its hard-working best all day long. Lug heads and shoulders are now heavier, making your T440 an even better match for tracks.

Key benefits

• Ideal for clay, mud, ice and snow – first class traction design means maximum accessibility.
• Exclusive ProgressiveTraction™ and inter-lug terrace technology for proven better grip and self-cleaning with less impact on forest floor.
• New lug design with heavier shoulder, lug heads and transverse edges for effective track compatibility.

Inter-lug terraces

The different planes between the lugs flex in relation to one another, enhancing selfcleaning, particularly in heavy conditions.

Dual anchor with Progressive Traction™

The new tread with the ProgressiveTraction™ concept is characterized by a special double lug that operates on the soil at different times, progressively releasing higher traction when and where it is needed. The double lug also provides the tire with better floatation capability, ensuring an even pressure distribution over the extra wide footprint.

The size 650/45-22.5 175A8 is the tyre of the Trelleborg T440 EXC range that fully highlights the performance of the mower machine Energreen ILF S1500.

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