• The founders IVO AND LINO FRARON

    Ivo and Lino Fraron are the creators and founders of the company. They represent the past and the present of the company, which they keep bringing up with determination and love combined with creativity and dedication in their work.

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  • The FRARON family

    The Fraron family pursues the values of the founders, through a serious and loyal commitment to allow the continuous growth of the company, producing efficient and reliable machines that meet the needs of the customers.

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  • ENERGREEN team

    To work together means also to win together; behind Energreen success there are men and women (170 employees) and their families that, even though indirectly, experience this reality. We want that our customers look at this side of our company that works “behind the scenes”, sometimes with impossible timetables, with the only aim of creation of a product, a solution, through the analysis of the needs of the customers, the confrontation of ideas, still ensuring to our employees the adequate professional recognition.

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